About us


Our Aims and Values

We are a big and stable team with long-time tradition and many satisfied customers. We are ready to share our experience with you. Your success is our success.

We want to contribute to the success of our clients with the quality of our service. We strife for keeping the best employees in the region in order to provide the best accountant, economic and advisory service. Our goal is not only doing the right things, but also doing them efficiently and correctly.

We assume full responsibility for all our activites. We are insured against causing damage. We are certified members of the Chamber of Tax Advisers and Chamber of Certified Accountants.   


We listen to your needs. Each client is unique to us and we know that he or she needs individual approach. We are ready to adapt to your various requests.


Ing. Zdeňka Koníčková              
Executive director. Graduated from ČZU in Prague. From the system of accountancy certification (ACCA), she recieved a certificate in accountancy and finance - balance accountant. She is a member of Chamber of Certified Accountants, where she is also a member of Disciplinary Committee.

Ing. Miroslav Tomášek
Tax adviser and executive director. Graduated from ČVUT in Prague. He is a member of Chamber of Tax Advisers since 1995. He also deals with financial analysis and problems of financing the companies. He also teaches and lectures about these areas at the university.


Why choose us?

You will find a long-term and reliable partner in us.

 •    We are the best in the region of Ústí
 •    We provide local support
 •    We are experienced in cooperation with German companies in the Czech Republic
 •    We speak English and German fluently
 •    We provide full  replaceability
 •    High expertise and quality of our service

Advisory on-line

We have prepared for you a brand new service on our site. Soon you will be able to enter on-line your request. This service will be paid via SMS.

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