Payroll accountancy and payroll agenda

We provide complete processing of payroll agenda and payroll accountancy. We specialize in the whole area of personnel management. We assume full responsibility for the correct processing of payroll and we are responsible for all risks connected to it.   

The processing of payroll is an agenda which can be easily separated from intracompany processes and submitted to an external processor in the form of a payroll outsourcing. The benefits of such actions are efficiency, applicability and replaceability of payroll manager in times of sickess or leave. Clients appreciate absolute discretion of the process of the whole agenda and protection against leakage of confidential information, especially in the case of payroll of foreign employees or management.

Outsourcing of payroll agenda is one of the modern instruments of management. Payroll outsourcing is often used in order to increase financial efficiency and competetivness and offers great competetive advantage.

Savings of outsourcing expenses compared to the expenses of one's own payroll department are also undeniable advantage

The processing of payroll includes:

  • complete monthly processing of payroll including annual statement of advances and withholding
  • personnel management connected with starting and quitting of employees (contracts, credit and registration lists, registration and deregistration of employees with an insurance company)
  • correct adjustment of employee benefits
  • bonuses for members of statutory bodies
  • calculation of social and health insurance, statutory sick pays, averages
  • processing of statements and reports (insurance companies, DSSA, statistics etc.) - including electronic communication
  • representation of the client during inspections and proceedings of DSSA, health insurance company and revenue authority
  • printing of "hidden" payslips
  • reimbursment of payroll from our special bank account to ensure discretion
  • the option of sending the payslips electronically
  • cooperation with executor's office
  • communication with employees in agreed extent
  • payroll consultancy
  • payroll audit – verification of processes, procedures and directives of your payroll agenda
  • archiving of documents in agreed extent
  • reporting


We provide bookkeeping on high expert and professional level. Our accounting team with long-time experience in financial services can guarantee reliability, high quality, flexibility and complex solution according to your financial needs including consultations and consultancy. We assume full responsibility for our work and our accounting activities are fully and professionally insured.

Correct bookkeeping is undoubtedly a basis for efficient management. The client obtains information in requested structure and quality for his or her short-term, middle-term and strategic decisions. Besides "classic" output, we offer modern products which allow distant access to required data.
Focus on your main activity, which makes profit, and leave bookkeeping to us in the form of outsourcing.

For many years, outsourcing is often used as means of increasing financial efficiency and competetivness of the company. The extent of outsourcing can differ according to your needs – from the full one, where everything is in our competence, to the partial one, when the client uses some of our programmes, and the combined one for the cases, when the clinet already uses his or her own accountancy programme.

The other option is a "continuous audit" which monitors client's bookkeeping processed by his or her employees using his or her own accountancy programme. This way, you get the certainty of correct accounting of individual cases and their correct recording in your bookkeeping.  

Bookkeeping includes:

  • continuous bookkeeping, monthly final accounts
  • annual final accounts
  • accounting according to centres and orders
  • VAT return
  • checks of bookkeeping and annual final accounts by cooperating auditor company
  • tangible and intangible investment goods records
  • record keeping of payable accounts
  • creation of reserves
  • accounting consultancy and methodology
  • processing of internal directives
  • reports, outputs for manager accountancy and controlling
  • possibility to provide outputs in German and English Employees responsible for accountancy are going through a constant system of education, including the system of certification by Union of Accountants.   We also keep books for the "non-entrepreneurial" subjects – housing associations, state-funded institutions or scientific and research institutions.

We offer external arrangement of function of economic and financial department for smaller entrepreneurial subjects.

Tax Consultancy

We percieve tax consultancy as a complex discipline, which does not include only the correct filling of a tax return, but it also includes tax planning and optimalization, representation on client's behalf in tax offices and other related activities. Mutual trust between us and the client is an important aspect of a cooperation.

We provide guarantee for our services, which are insured with corresponding extent and amount.
Tax consultancy is provided by tax advisers registered in the Chamber of Tax Advisers.

Tax consultancy includes:

  • filling tax returns
  • tax audit – checking entries of expenses and profits from the tax perspective
  • tax planning – optimalization of tax duties and their planning
  • tax service – continuous information about client's tax duties and news from the world of taxes
  • specialist's opinions
  • representation on client's behalf during inspections and proceedings of tax offices
  • representation on client's behalf regarding taxes and tax administration including recommendations

Studies, Analyses and Outputs for Management

For successful and efficient management, information is necessary. This information needs to be in such an extent and structure that allows to make qualified decisions in both short-term and long-term horizon.


Successful liquidation finished with the erasure of the company from the register of companies is technically demanding and long process lasting no less than six months. It requires specific knowledge and experience of the liquidator and his or her team. We offer complex service connected to the liquidation and fulfilling all legal obligations. External handling of the whole process minimizes the burden of the client (owner) and his or her management. 

Evaluation of Economic Efficiency of Investments

Do you want to invest, but are you unsure of the efficiency and return of the considered investment? Did you really identify all the potencial risks connected to the planned investment? Did you eliminate those risks as much as possible? Doesn't your company have methodology for evaluation of economic efficiency of investments? We will help you find the answers.

Training Courses and Lecturing

Are you interested in organizing a specialized training course for a group of your employees (management, accountants and other professional staff)?
We will prepare a training course according to your needs and demands. 

Advisory on-line

We have prepared for you a brand new service on our site. Soon you will be able to enter on-line your request. This service will be paid via SMS.

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